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Victoria Knight

By way of introduction, I invite you into this private world…
It’s a world for the ambitious and artistic, the rebellious and refined. It’s a world of passport stamps, stolen kisses, and unforgettable meetings…” every schoolboy dream”, “agonisingly sexy”, “the memory of meeting you is going to linger for some time”… “the kind of woman men write poetry about”.

A few seasons ago I stepped into the demimonde out of curiosity. To this day, I still haven’t found anything quite as thrilling. I love the first date euphoria and adrenaline, layered with the ease of a close confidante. My favourite part of companionship – and the area in which I most excel – is building real and meaningful connections.

For that reason, my rates are heavily skewed to favour longer engagements. You will find me engagingly charismatic, eloquent and open-minded. I exude a youthful zest alongside cultivated maturity, poise and elegance. I like my music old-school and my fashion new-school (think Rolling Stones or Chet Baker records paired with sleek, minimalist dresses and elegant heels).

As a former model and ballet dancer, I take great pride in my appearance. I possess a lithe, all-natural physique, and a classically beautiful face with delicate features reminiscent of Nordic beauties. Impeccably dressed and impeccable undressed. Despite a refined presentation, you will find me completely down to earth, with a warm demeanour and a disarmingly fresh sense of playfulness.

I am university educated with postgraduate qualifications. I enjoy an esteemed professional career outside of this realm. I am extremely selective with the company I keep as I am sure you are too, I prioritise absolute discretion and privacy. Consider me your uncomplicated accomplice, the confidante you can count on to run away with you on a whim without requiring a position in your day-to-day reality. I come solely armed with joy, romance, and a touch of glamour.

Our time together should feel like those first few weeks of falling in love: the art of courtship, a rush of adrenaline and deep comfort without the inevitable plateau that follows in traditional settings. I’m a woman with depth and a gift for connecting. I believe that there’s a place for true intimacy in the space between cursory and committed, and that convention isn’t a prerequisite for a fulfilling bond.

So, let’s explore what that means for us uniquely, together.

Expect genuine care, friendship, and playful spoils with a healthy dose of luxurious indulgence and laughter.

I do not engage in any unsafe/unprotected activities that may put my health and safety at risk, so please do not ask.I feel very strongly about mutual respect. I would never compromise your privacy nor speak about private moments to anyone else. I am strictly a no-review companion (my full-time profession necessitates the utmost discretion). If you wish to share some words of appreciation, please send a follow-up email instead.

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