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While our platform is currently free, we believe in transparency with our advertisers. Rest assured, we will notify all advertisers before introducing subscription charges.

1 Week

Elevate your visibility with a dynamic 7 day advertising blast. Reach your audience quickly and effectively.

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1 Month

Maximise your impact over a month long campaign. Capture sustained attention and build lasting connections.

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Profile Galleries

Display your photos elegantly using purpose-built galleries on your profile. Craft visually stunning profiles with customisable image layouts to showcase yourself in the best light.

Custom Availability

Customise your availability effortlessly. Tailor your schedule and preferences with ease, appearing as an easy to read graphic chart on your profile's desktop version.

Custom Rates & services

Easily showcase the experiences you provide along with their rates and associated services, ensuring clients can quickly and easily understand the value you offer.

Touring Locations

Expand your reach by showcasing your services in various touring locations. Each location features a dedicated section for upcoming touring profiles, allowing you to maximise exposure and connect with clients across different areas.


Boost your profile's credibility with client reviews, each subject to advertiser approval before being published, ensuring authenticity and trustworthiness.

Link Social Accounts

Seamlessly integrate your social media accounts to enhance your online visibility.

Image Layout

Craft visually stunning profiles with customizable image layouts for a standout impression.

Selfie Gallery

Showcase your personality with a dedicated selfie gallery, connecting with clients on a more personal level.

Advanced Search

Ensure your profile is seamlessly connected with clients whose preferences align perfectly with your profile, boosting your chances of successful bookings.

Working Late Feature

Highlight your flexibility with the Working Late feature, attracting clients seeking late night engagements.

Available Feature

Signal your availability with the "Available" feature, using an animated lightbulb on your profile icon to attract clients seeking immediate bookings.

Base City

Establish a central hub for your services by setting a base city and optimising your online presence.

Social Media Promotions

Amplify your reach with dedicated social media promotions across our platform.

Australian-Owned, Industry-Operated

Trust in a platform rooted in the Australian adult industry, providing tailored support.


Rest assured that your personal information is handled with utmost confidentiality and security.

FMTY (Coming Soon)

Explore global opportunities with our Fly Me To You section, connecting advertisers and clients across different cities and countries for unforgettable experiences.

Client Profiles (Coming Soon)

With a dedicated login, clients can create profiles, enhancing interaction and service personalisation. Optimise client engagement and streamline communication with ease.

Duos (Coming Soon)

Our upcoming Duos feature is designed to cater to diverse client preferences. Escorts can seamlessly add duo partners who are also advertising on the platform, providing clients with a wider range of choices for their unique experiences.

Why Roladex?

Discreet Mode

With discreet mode, you can maintain complete control over how you view Roladex while enjoying the utmost flexibility and privacy that you deserve.

Rates & Services

Provide potential clients with clear information about the experiences you offer and the corresponding rates, ensuring transparency.


We prioritise your privacy. Roladex ensures that your personal information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security, providing you with peace of mind as you navigate and engage with the platform.

SEO Development

As part of our commitment to excellence, we’ll be actively working on SEO enhancements. This means that your profile will benefit from increased visibility, ensuring you stand out in the online landscape.

New Features
coming soon

Stay tuned for the unveiling of exciting new features. We’re dedicated to evolving Roladex to meet your needs and provide you with cutting-edge tools to enhance your profile.

Craft Your Profile

Showcase your personality, services, and style through a comprehensive profile. Our user-friendly platform makes the process seamless and enjoyable.

Tailored Duration

Choose the timeframe that aligns with your marketing strategy, whether it’s a short-term boost or a more extended brand-building effort.

No Lock-in

We believe in empowering you, which is why there are no binding contracts. You have the freedom to adapt your strategy as needed.


Experience a seamless and user-friendly platform. Crafting and managing your profile on Roladex is designed to be easy and enjoyable, allowing you to focus on what matters most – you!


Your feedback matters to us. As we grow and develop Roladex, your experiences and suggestions will play a crucial role in shaping the platform to best suit your needs.

Australian Owned
Industry Operated

Roladex takes pride in being Australian-owned and operated by professionals within the adult industry. Trust in a platform that not only understands the local nuances but is shaped by individuals immersed in the industry, ensuring tailored support and insights.

Discreet Payment

Your privacy is our priority. Roladex offers discreet payment options, providing you with the confidence that your financial transactions are handled with confidentiality and security.

To Date Verified Profiles

Stand out on Roladex with our commitment to date verification. Verified profiles enhance trust and credibility, ensuring potential clients have confidence in the authenticity of your offerings.

Social Media

Extend your reach beyond the platform itself. Benefit from being promoted on Roladex’s social media channels, amplifying your visibility and connecting with a broader audience.

 Profile Listings

This unique feature ensures that your profile has equal chances of being prominently displayed, providing a fair and dynamic platform for all.