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Tiffany Elease

I am a warm and sensual feminine woman. I am slim yet curves in all the right places, witty, curious, and love to travel. I love to dance, seduce, and be seduced. My eyes are almond-shaped with a feminine face, with full luscious lips that will make you swoon when your lips meet mine. Being in my late 20’s and full of energy, I’m also classy at the same time. I have a deep passion for expressing myself creatively through dancing, and I love yoga, and fitness. Growing up in Europe I had the pleasure to explore different cities. However there are so many more places I’d like to visit, so I’m definitely passport ready. I love being around people who are passionate about what they do. So tell me? Are you a gentlemanly type who loves to unwind or explore? Do you have a passion for travel? Or maybe you want to take me out on an adventure…

Either way, I’m sure we’ll enjoy each other’s company.

As much as I love one-on-one dates with a special someone like yourself. I also adore being an irresistible addition to the special and oh-so-fun moments shared by couples.

A small deposit is needed for our mutual pleasure and to ensure our time together. The amount will vary based on the length of our enchanting encounter.
So don’t be shy, and feel free to reach out including a lovely introduction as well as how long you’d like to meet me, I can’t wait to create an unforgettable experience with you!.

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