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Rosela Bower

Hello lovers,
I might look like your gal next door but inside exists a 1/3 cerebral butterfly, 2/3 nymphette with a pinch of sugar and a dash of spice.

I am the Ceylon Orange Pekoe to your black, the jelly on your peanut butter sandwich, the pink buttercream on your strawberry cupcake.

My three favourite things about myself are my intellect, my empathetic nature and if I’m honest, my derrière. My breasts are more than a handful and my nature is sometimes along those lines.

Bona fide, self possessed, cheeky yet calmer in nature my true calling is seeking connection.

I wonder if you are in search of the same?

Beholden and chained to a desk job, burnt out by the Social Work field, I found myself asking what am I doing this for? Where do I get my fulfilment? Suddenly a life of sublime travel, possibility of a more sumptuous life opened up to me when I gave into my cravings for the risqué.

After 6 years of singing my sensual song, (click clack of heels upon hotel floor) that necropolis seems long gone as I’ve allowed the thrill to take hold of me. A buoyancy now which I long to share with all across the globe’s four corners.

Journeying fatigued businessmen yearning for the intimacy that can only come from caressing heavenly silken skin cut from porcelain.

Likeminded discreet introverts biding behind a bolted door with roses in hand, wondering what it feels like to run hands through a waterfall of cascading liquid ruby hair.

Endearing lovers who see a bewitching woman and feel intimidated. Who require a a serene confidante to illuminate the way with bright sapphire eyes offering compassion and empathy.

Breathlessly I await the chance but I’m just as congenial in the arms of more Dominant extroverted lovers.

As your petite, submissive, cherry red head I can guarantee we have more fun. Submissive by nature, many of your darker desires become mine. I crave the strength by your hand, the weight of boot upon my face, your collar encircling my swan neck. Be swept up into my ethos.

Your darker desires may have lead you down a red riding hood path. One where you wish for your own pet, submissive, or wish to be called Daddy?

Power, control, ownership titillates you.

However in this day and age of fake porn you wish for the real deal. Where role play comes alive through ambience, setting and chemistry.

Look no further. You have found your damsel in distress, your leading lady that will take darker desires into reality.

Are you the daredevil couple looking for the tinder that sparks your erotic renaissance, preferably with an elfin, strawberry aphrodisiac?

My ideal match would be the fantasy curators, the type to linger over the finer details. Sure of oneself, yet privately so. A bibliophile perchance, or perhaps a lover of creating the perfect ambience, but definitely a planner.

They may not have won 20+ passport stamps, however they aspire to. They bring to the table an open mindedness and hold in high regard the culture and history our world has to offer — much like myself.

A cerebral butterfly, I will capture your intelligence and arouse your senses. Felicitously in my early 30s, I am well travelled, over-educated however keen to always keep learning and with that knowledge, old enough to honour my standards. Proficient in the corporate conference room and in any (bed) room for that matter, a lover of a a chat, particularly stimulating is any that can broaden my worldview.

Embracing, welcoming and inclusive I can be selective with who I choose to grace my presence with. Those that jump to the front of the line will be those who adore efficiency, matchless communication, organisation and a sense of humour.

Human beings chase a reprieve, a sense of belonging on occasion. My bower aims to create that safe haven for my visitors and destroy the aimless void.

You deserve to take that time for yourself.

I believe you are worthy of slowing down, losing yourself for a moment or two with that enigmatic cherry head sybarite you’ve been enamoured of from afar.

My songs of sensuality are waiting to be sung.

Yours to arouse,


The 2 Hour Cocktail
The perfect way to get to know each other. One hour socially, cocktail in hand and one hour behind closed doors getting steamy
Dinner Date
This lady loves to nosh! A culinary chameleon, I can accompany you to a fine dining establishment or the economical Nonna’s trattoria for the best homemade lasagna.
However no meal is complete without a sweet treat- and I’ve been told I’m the sweetest.
$1700 (2 hours dinner, 2 hour dessert)
Overnight Getaway — $5000
Fun and company is always enjoyed properly when taking your time, so forget about the clock. Spend the evening with me eating, drinking, enjoy and explore one another’s bodies until we fall asleep exhausted and satisfied. Wake up by my side and enjoy one last fling before you leave for the office, with a cheeky grin on your face that will last for days! Our overnight getaway will be 12-14 hours, with 7 hours beauty sleep. Breakfast is appreciated after exhausting ourselves all night.
(2 hours social, 2 hours bedroom)
Snuggling in our PJs, let’s turn on the TV and enjoy a movie with your favourite snacks before heading to bed and ruining the sheets.
(2 hours dinner, 2 hours bedroom)
Ever wanted the experience of showing up to a steak dinner perfectly prepared for you? Come to my incall and have a candle lit home cooked meal by your idealised 1950’s housewife. All the dream none of the responsibility… then enjoy me either in the kitchen or bedroom. You pick.
(6-8 hours, must include at least one meal & social time outside the bedroom.)
An entire wondrous day together… there’s so much we could get up to! Wandering through museums, fine dining, browsing markets and then getting to spend hours in bed together before heading our seperate ways, unable to shake the images of our fun together out of your mind.

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