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Poppy Paisley

Hi there admirer,
You know it now, because you hadn’t before…

Maybe you didn’t realise that it was me you’ve been looking for; a sweet faced and bubbly lover, with hazel doe eyes that’ll charm the pants off you. My down to earth nature and silly sense of humour will ensure you’ll be immediately at ease… or hypnotised, who can be sure?

Think of our time together as a gift to yourself; a warm, soft and playful invitation for you to seek, to explore, to dive in, and soak in the essence of pleasure.

Gorgeous and petite, with an affection for affection, you’ll admire how perfectly I fit curled up in your chest… how enthralled you feel as I giggle with delight… how wonderfully an hour with me slots into your afternoon…

More likely to be joining you post ocean dip than post shopping spree, my natural beauty is showcased by wearing little to no make up and dressing casually, if wearing anything at all. I come alive most when all the layers are peeled off, when I can watch you, watching me, watching…

I look forward to being wrapped up in you, as we share our favourite books, orgasms, and other earthly delights.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Poppy x

with Lulu Valentine lulu-valentine.com

Lulu and I love having a man join us in the bedroom for a unique threesome experience exclusive to us. Feel our passion and excitement as you lead our exploration of each other’s incredible bodies, or lose yourself as you watch our desire for each other. Be warned, we both value yoga greatly and enjoy showcasing our flexibility.

In our encounters, we prioritise meaningful conversations that lead to warm embraces, creating an intimate connection. The thrill for us lies in observing a new person delight in each unique aspect of our personalities and physicalities. Our aim is always to leave you and each other completely satisfied and feeling like we are the only three people in the world.

Discover more about Lulu…

Meet Lulu, the worldly 32-year-old with a captivating charm. She brings elegance to every conversation, effortlessly challenging your thinking with a twinkle in her eye. Lulu is your entertainment guru, always armed with books, podcasts, and movie recommendations. She’s a seasoned explorer, jet-setting on regular adventures that infuse her life with an extra dash of excitement. Together, Lulu and I dive into beachy escapades and venture into national parks.

In the realm of flirting, her style is all about the playful art of poking fun. Get ready for delightful exchanges that leave you smiling and maybe blushing a little. With Lulu, every interaction is an invitation to join the joy-filled journey of life.


Sometimes dinner is more delicious after working up an appetite, don’t you agree?
Treat yourself to an unforgettable dinner where you can opt for dessert first, and it’s served to you in bed.

A dinner date is an adventurous opportunity for a bisexual threesome experience, giving us a total of 4 hours to explore. We’ll have 2 hours to get to know one another over a meal, and 2 hours to get to know each other much more intimately. We will be sure to attract envious glances from each corner of the room as we pass each other a knowing smile and flirtatious touch.

We know many spots in town for a relaxed, causal meal that is the perfect introduction, or conclusion to a steamy, sexual encounter for three.

Eagerly awaiting our erotic adventure,
Poppy & Lulu



Passionate and playful, this is the package for the pleasure seekers looking for an authentically affectionate girlfriend experience.

Let’s take our time together and enjoy genuine gentle kissing and soft caressing before I show off my mind-bending deep throat skills and endearing flexibility. I want to tease, and please you, before laying in your arms for intimate cuddling and pillow talk as I softly stroke your body. Three hours of passionate play is the perfect amount for this package, giving us time to connect and explore each other’s bodies and minds.

Please note: I only perform oral sex with the use of a condom

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