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Leyla Rose

Hello dear..
I always struggle to write enticing copy, I find it difficult to capture my essence without implementing cliches and long boring paragraphs, but I will try my best to come off as authentic as I feel.

I am confident in my own skin and comfortable with my sexuality which allows me to better understand the desires of others.
I have a very feminine & strong sexual energy, I thrive by giving pleasure.

I am a very beautiful woman , tall, doe-eyed with a particular style.. I strongly believe looking after yourself is important for all aspects of health, so education & training are my priorities.

If you are after an erotic interlude you’re unlikely to forget, you’ve found yourself in the capable hands of a passionate, hedonistic and sensual courtesan. The photos provide just a small indication of the fiery yet gentle, striking, sensual and wild women I am.
But I won’t give too much more away…

My Mediterranean background has exposed me to exquisite cuisine and fine art. I am well travelled and educated, enjoying expansive conversations and the finer things in life. I have a wicked sense of humor and thrive on genuine connection. I seek deep intimacy and will always strive to make you feel at ease.

My educational background is in the arts & erotic tantra. I love taking naughty selfies and my superpower is how I can make you feel.

Despite my confident outward appearance, I am someone who enjoys intimate and strong connections beyond anything. I love getting to know someone and I have an uncanny knack for understanding what makes people tick. That, however, you will have to find out for yourself.
Whilst I thoroughly enjoy pure, animalistic pleasure, I am aware that my clients may seek intimacy at a deeper level than the physical. I thrive on genuine connection and want you to feel comfortable being yourself. So whether it’s a sensual GFE or something a bit more sexual, I’m confident you will be more than satisfied with my company.
I bring a lot to the table and can guarantee you will meet someone who is disarmingly sexy and as genuine they come. Your pleasure is my priority – I want to make you laugh and feel comfortable; I want to satisfy your deepest fantasies; I want to leave you with a smile on your face and an insatiable craving for more.

I am open to new experiences, so feel free to share your fantasy.

I am very open minded and into many things, so don’t be shy and reach out xx

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