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Honey Bijou

Take a deep breath and dive into the realms of a gifted sensualist..
Melt into my gorgeous toned petite body, flow over my perfect handful B cup breasts, feel the warmth of my smooth honey-coloured skin and drown in my big brown eyes, framed by my luscious wild mane of soft brunette curls.

I maintain my body well, you will find me in a tasteful adornment of body hair.

I live for expansion, am educated and well travelled… a tranquil, subtly sparkling presence with a dark, mysterious undercurrent.

A serene and skilled conversation companion, I approach the world with a calm openness for all its depth, richness and enchantment.

My fluid nature allows me to meet you where you’re at..

One for more of a slow burn type of encounter.. I truly appreciate those who adopt a more attentive approach.. spending languid, time-melting afternoons or nights opening ourselves to a wide range of indulgences.

As a hedonist, I have a particular penchant for sensorial play, and love to explore tactile and tantric elements, teasing, subtle bdsm & kink.

Have you been yearning to worship at the feet of a goddess? My temple awaits…

If you’re looking for a midnight cowgirl we can turn up the fire for a wilder experience, or simply lie down beside it and unwind in each others company and skins.

A lover of fine dining, I adore to be undressed by a lovers eyes across the table.. to feel the warmth and frisson between us build as the evening drifts, playing the long, delicious game to full body jouissance..

My mantras for life are authenticity and integrity, and I aspire to weave these into our encounters, creating an intentional, safe space for the exploration of your fantasies and desires.

It is my passion to slowly savour the beauty of the raw human form, leading to greater heights of release and pleasure.

I look forward to our universes meeting, to share a naked connection, tabula rasa.

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