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Celeste Cox

Celeste Cox is my name. An empath with intelligence to match, I’m not your average girl.
Fashion and style grace my body, but when clothes fall off, I have a lot more to reveal.

Supple and soft skin, I take pride in my appearance and my beauty. I’m not precious when it comes to lifestyle, appreciating the small things, being in the moment and having good conversations are some of the things I love most.

But, don’t be fooled by my elegant energy, I do have a naughty side, if you play your cards right! I like to be cheeky and have a play…

I never say no to a nice glass of wine and decadent food. My taste is classic, just like my beauty. I like staying natural, a little lipstick and some blush.

I want to make you feel special, because you are.

I want you to feel my presence long after I’ve left. I hope I can be that special someone you wish to see time and time again.

Celeste xx

My profile exclusively features the services that I provide. I only offer services that I feel comfortable providing.

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