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Bridget Bailey

Often complimented for my unique charm and unforgettable curves, I am a ride you will not want to get off of.

So allow me to introduce myself; my name is Bridget Bailey and I am Melbourne’s most alluring BBW escort, and I am here to set your world on fire.

Take my hand and I’ll be the bridge to your fantasies.

I’m openly Queer and very lovable, my work is my passion and my lust is an artform.

Let me be your guide, as I will be the woman who creates reality from your ultimate dreams. My world brims with my sexuality as I have explored and indulged my own desires and want to help you tap into your own. I believe that everyone has depth, beauty and undeniable chemistry within them, and that under my gaze we can bring this out of you, pouring into your veins a pleasure that you never knew possible.

Anyone can do the sex, but only few can guide you to empowerment. Let me.

B.b x

More services can be found on my website

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