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Yvette Li

Hello, delighted to meet you! This won’t be your typical blind date…

I was born in Singapore but have lived, studied, and worked in (too?) many countries around the world for someone my age (10 countries in 30 years – you be the judge!).

I would describe my personality as warm, friendly, and open, and believe that meeting others is a gift. Everyone has something valuable to teach if we are humble enough to listen. My appetite for both lust and life are equally voracious and this industry has given us a novel, sometimes serendipitous opportunity for escapism and deviance in a “controlled” environment, which I happily indulge in as Yvette (on a part-time basis anyway).

Among my pleasures are the thrill of first kisses and mutual climaxes, ticking off a new destination, breathtaking sunsets, and culinary experiences that can only elicit satisfied moans (I’m a very passionate foodie!). I’m also a massive bookworm who enjoys getting lost in the pages of her latest read (from smut to Salinger) with a cup of tea.

I like my gentlemen accomplished, generous, and most importantly – kind. I keep my affairs intimate, straightforward, yet endlessly gratifying. Life is too short to go on bad dates; instead, I cherish the moments where the conversations flow as effortlessly as the wine we share. There’s a sweet spot for intimacies and secret sides of yourself, reserved only for dusky nights and languorous mornings. That’s where I hope we can meet.

We can meet at your favorite restaurant or curl up together in a plush hotel. You may also find me on my knees showing my appreciation for the dinner and gifts. I value exclusivity, discretion, and quality > quantity interactions. If you share these sentiments, I have no doubt we will get along swimmingly.

You deserve an escape from your everyday – a place where pleasure and connection dance cheek to cheek, and every moment feels like a stolen kiss.

I eagerly await our rendezvous! (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)
Kisses! Yvette

Relaxed, raunchy, and organic GFE – I only visit 5 star hotels. If you need to sort out a venue, I am more than happy to do so on your behalf, with reimbursement. Let me know your accommodation preferences!

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